Glimpses of the Nawab Era in Bengal : Tomb of Azim-un-nisa

Tomb of Azim-un-nisa

Azim-un-nisa is the daughter of Nawab Murshid Quli Khan and wife of Suja Khan of Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.

Myth has it that once Azim-un-nisa fell seriously ill and as per doctor’s prescription she used to take a medicine prepared from the liver of human child. This medicine was registered to her secretly, but even after she recovered from her sickness, she developed an addiction towards this medicine, resulting in killing quite a lot of children during that time. Once his father came to know about this, she was buried alive under this mosque, so that every person who visits this place will walk over her grave.

But according to some historian, she died in 1730A.D. 5 years after her father’s death. Once Murshid Quli Khan came to know about the killings he sent her to Orissa (her husband Suja-ud-dullah’s house). Later when Suja-ud-dullah became nawab of Bengal, she came back to Bengal and built this mosque.

Tomb of Azim-un-nisa

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